Monday, January 16, 2006

Pongal – Oh – Pongal

We went home to Coimbatore to celebrate Pongal. Its my hubby’s place. My mom was already cribbing that I couldn’t make it to Chennai. All consolation done – told her that I will come there with Sri for the next function. Everybody wants to go home for Pongal, I’m sure, because when we tried booking tickets couple of weeks earlier, we remembered that only we thought we were early enough. We had tickets with waiting list of about 180. Not a chance. We then decided to take the bus to Cbe. Most stupid decision ever I’d say. Well, it got quite more than offset considering the fun (read as food) we had there. We got just the last but one row seats in the bus and with the “awesome and amazing” roads, we could all but sleep during our almost 9 hour journey.

How could I thank my m-in-law!!! Aloo curry, chakkarai Pongal, sambhar, vadai, appalam, chips – all after a long time. Cooking and eating all by yourself has its effects. His folks felt that I had lost weight. Those whatever-micrograms I had tried losing, I gained them in kilos in just two days. Yummy food! Next day, i.e Sunday – even better. Vella Saadham, Thengaai saadham, puliyodharai, morr kuzhambu, koorkhai, beetroot, thayir saadham, vadam, chips. Very light snack in the evening – Poori Masal. Aiyo! Wonderful. Amazing!!!!! Happy Pongal, indeed :) !!!


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