Thursday, January 12, 2006

Time pass – gone for a toss

I logged in to the comp the day before, typed King Features Syndicate and then added it to my favourites. All I wanted to read everyday was Dennis the Menace. How I’d missed it all the time I was between jobs and did not have a regular access to comp! First shock when I walk into this office is that I cannot access my mails and non-business related sites! I was crossing my fingers when I typed in the web address of King Features. So happy that I could log in there….it hit me like a bolt of thunder when I noticed it!

The comic strip did not change yesterday……well I accessed it first thing in the morning and then I remembered, its Indian time morning which would still be yesterday in the United States- all right reasons for the clip remaining the same. But today?....then I read up a link at KF which informed its patrons (me too!!!) that they would henceforth put up the first week’s strips alone and update it the beginning of next month with the first week’s clips of the preceding month. This is because they were starting a pay-to-access service which would require me to shell out some loads of $ converted into INR (booh-hooh) to just view my fave-comics.

Okay. I set myself a mission. Find out other sites where u get the comic strip – mission defeated. As soon as I click the link on google- some one out there finds out and says if I do that again – I would be chucked out of the office! Or say in diplomatic terms – I will be subject to disciplinary action. I need the dosh – otherwise I would have walked out of the office – just for Dennis!


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